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We create the best digital products

We have a wide portfolio of services in various technology categories, and we have the best professional to make your project a reality.

Industrial Automation

Implement improvements in the processes of automation and control to optimize the productivity in various fields of the industry.


We take care of to strengthen the installed capacity of the companies and improve the architecture

Business Process management

We manage and optimize business processes, financial, administrative or operational.

Cloud services

We perform migration of data to the cloud using document management software and services such as Light Cloud, among others.


Our Case Study

Our case studies are a sample of the achievements and outstanding results that we have achieved thanks to the collaboration and work together with our customers. These examples demonstrate how our products and services have been used effectively to solve problems and improve efficiency in different industries.

Application of business process management


Interactive platform for education.

Editorial Footprints

Software in Python for reporting of indicators.


Applications for education


Application to improve the customer service in companies of mass consumption.

ToBe App

Software platform


Our Professional Team

We are a team of highly trained professionals and committed to ensure excellence in all aspects of our products and services. We work tirelessly to ensure that we comply with all applicable standards and regulations and that our customers will always be satisfied with what we offer.

Ana Rojas

Leader of Software Development

Juan Sandoval

Project leader Technology

Aura Villanueva

Leader of Operation

Juan Ayala

Desarrollador de Software Full Stack

Carlos Rodriguez

Innovation leader

Samuel Rodriguez

Leader of Digital Marketing


What our customers say?

Our company is characterized by being highly reliable and meet all the expectations of our customers. Since our inception, we have worked with dedication and effort to provide products and services of high quality and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

John Garcia

I recommend to Algorithm as a technology company, trust and quality first. Without a doubt, working with them has been a very positive experience for me and my company.

Patricia Parra

The interdisciplinary team who have accomplished projects, highly scalable and high-impact.

Gilberto Hernandez

They have created software for my business and have reduced the time of delivery of my orders. My clients are now asking for the Internet.

Andrés Morales

From my experience, I can say that it is a reliable company and professional that strives to meet the needs of their customers.

Marco Quintero

The computer ALGORITHM is always willing to build creative solutions to our processes.

Luis Martinez

We build a system of information with the computer ALGORITHM and reduced our time of creation of reports in a 60 %. 


Trusted companies

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Get Your Free Consultation To Create Your App

The computer Algorithm provides you with different solutions for you to develop the app that you are looking for.

Get Your Free Consultation To Create Your App

The computer Algorithm provides you with different solutions for you to develop the app that you are looking for.