Industrial automation and its great advantages in the world today.

We need to be clear that the automation of industrial processes is of great importance in the current context, but before we go a little more in this world, what is industrial automation?.

When we refer to industrial automation we talk about the application and adaptation of machinery and equipment technology (either software or hardware) that can perform all kinds of production processes, selection and control of an autonomous manner, with no involvement of human, or at least with a minimum participation.

When you create an automation system, it seeks to control work mechanical optimally, with a margin of error, minimum and that work 24/7. Tasks that would normally require a lot of effort and staff added.

As noted earlier, the industrial automation is vital for companies around the world, regardless of the area, however, we do not know the importance of automating these processes. In a market highly globalized and competitive environment, the success of various industries depends on the competitive advantages that is within their reach, and with the implementation of machinery intelligent it is possible to automate any process immersed in the production line.

The importance of automating this type of processes has as its badge a key concept: the efficiency. Industrial systems are excellent for performing repetitive tasks, and with suitable calibration rarely fails of its operation, which means that it has good results.

We have already talked about enough of industrial automation, but What are its benefits?

  • Cost reduction: An industrial automation system as implemented is profitable in terms of return on investment, it operates only with certain expenses of maintenance (such as whole machine) that can be planned and carried out activities that would require a large amount of human personnel.
  • Quality: With the reduction of errors in the chain of production is improved greatly the quality of any product. This is thanks to the computer systems that support and ongoing to the machinery mechanics, thanks to this, a monitoring and correction of defects in real time without interrupting the supply chain.
  • Consistency: With the automation correct it is possible to eliminate the variability in the processes of the production chain, thanks to this we will have products of excellent quality over time.
  • Productivity: As mentioned above, a machine automated has the ability to work 24/7 without stopping. It is not a secret that between plus size and rate of production with a factory, the more expensive are the dead times. These machines usually do not have schedule frequent rest, and curves of productivity does not decline with time.

We have already seen that it is of great importance to perform automation of industrial processes in any part of the world to any sector, since this is undoubtedly a competitive advantage over other competitors, to produce products of excellent quality, with a margin of error minimum in the most efficient manner is a necessity in a time where the demand is growing more and more.


By: Jonathan Rodriguez Bautista

Communicator and Journalist

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