What is the importance of migrating your business to the digital world?

If anything has taught us that this pandemic is the importance of the business to transition to the digital age, how many companies have not broken because you did not take the right decision at the right time?. If there is something clear is that businesses today are competing as never before, each time there is more competition and more challenges without precedent, and at the same time there is less time to engage in the development and incubation of new ideas that help to create solutions, and that these meet thousands of needs that consumers have in the world today.

This is why it is of great importance in the software factory, as the competition has increased, and this causes it to break the industry in which you are working, and this makes that have niches and microniches in the market. As a result of this there are also increasingly more digital disruption, shortened innovation cycles, increased competition in sectors that did not exist before, an increase in the expectation of our customers and lower costs due to the growing supply in the market for a diversity of services. These are just some of the challenges facing companies today, and because of this have had to make changes to meet the needs that they present their consumers. 

Today businesses are prepared and with a great focus on the constant change of the elements of micro-and macro-presented, modern companies are differentiated by being in touch any day at any time with their customers, to become competitive with the discovery of new tools that can enhance the business in a big way. And as part of this discovery is the digital world and the great force that has taken over most (if not all) of the market, so much so that today if a firm or company not to be found on the web, or do not develop strategies for the digital world, does not exist.

To support these ideas, we have to be clear about certain points of great importance:

Since there are no boundaries between your company and the outside world

At present, your company to be present in the digital age becomes the global, any person in any part of the world can know about it and know about the services that you offer, this technology has changed, with the presence on the internet and specialized software, you can get to know your company in all the world, and also to achieve automation of tasks and processes that consume time for other important tasks.

The connectivity increases 

Increasingly, there is great progress on models of augmented reality and virtual interaction-based voice, sensors, patterns. This type of advances are increasingly making that produces a flow of data about who you are, what you're experiencing and feeling each time. The tastes, passions and needs of your target audience are on the web. Product innovation and development of companies that are changing the world.

The way we make decisions changes

The brain is designed to detect patterns and learn from them. But we have to take into account that see thousands of data and understand why your company is not connecting with their customers through their new app is a daunting task and difficult to do without the help of the digital world. Analytics and artificial intelligence are already revolutionizing the world with algorithms and new ways to analyze and segment the data of great importance.

It is clear that these tools are going to make a difference in terms of what we know of our world and about ourselves in the future, but before this happens, they are going to change your business.


By: Jonathan Rodriguez Bautista

Communicator and Journalist

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