Artificial intelligence and its importance for businesses.

It is not a secret that the world today is changing by leaps and bounds, and every time there are new trends and innovations that help us to perform processes in a more precise and efficient in all fields. The business field is no exception, and the AI is one of the most current trends and innovative companies that are changing the world, but how do I apply and what are the benefits of artificial intelligence for an organization?.

The artificial intelligence, which means the simulation of processes previously performed by humans by machines and computer systems. This can be useful in several areas of the professional sector, below we will show you which are their most prominent applications for companies:

  • Process automation: manage the implementation of IA in a company can help to have a automation of processes, optimal, with the use of intelligent machines, several tasks that previously were manual and repetitive, can now be done in less time and resources. What is more interesting is that the artificial intelligence can be applied to a great diversity of processes such as the manufacture of computers, mobile phones, cars, etc
  • Data analysis: In the TWENTY-first century we live in the age of the data, the internet comes and goes according to information 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in the business area, we are in the boom of big data, which means that the companies are working with large amounts of information, and this derived data in endpoint interesting. For this, companies that are changing the world use computer systems that manage, organize and perform a comprehensive analysis of unstructured data.
  • Support work teams: Whenever we talk about artificial Intelligence comes from the premise that this affects or is very invasive to the human workers. But this is not true, even the AI can help in a big way, an employee and provide you with tedious tasks. These, when performing an analysis of the environment, can provide you with information that is most relevant and valuable to a human worker. 
  • Customer care: e-commerce is of great importance to the use of an artificial intelligence is of great importance and a vital support to the time of making a customer accurate and optimal, as the most notorious example of this, is done using a chatbot, which is responsible for conducting an assistance of a virtual way very complete, with algorithms, default answers and accurate data, responds fully to the requirements of the different users that interact with it, and best of all, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The use of artificial intelligence in business is key to optimize and enhance processes in the world today, is an innovative tool and almost necessary for the development of a company in the current context of the TWENTY-first century, and, if something has become clear with time is that the evolution and adaptation to new contexts is the key to the survival of the companies that are changing the world.


By: Samuel Rodriguez 

Marketer by and publicist

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